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February 2003

Jackson_2003_02_01_Pilot_Mt_02_web.jpg (160136 bytes) Jackson_2003_02_01_Pilot_Mt_04_web.jpg (241579 bytes) Jackson_2003_02_01_Pilot_Mt_03_web.jpg (242941 bytes)

The first Saturday this month started off really warm and sunny, so Jackson and I went to Pilot Mountain State Park for an adventure walk.  The mountain was still covered in snow and ice, so we just played at the foot of the mountain.   As usual, a couple of Rescue Wendy_and_Billy_PilotMt_web.jpg (128090 bytes)Heroes went with us and were able to go on lots of pretend missions.  Wendy and Billy especially enjoyed parachuting off the rocks.  I have a short movie of Jackson walking through the woods, click here to watch.

Jackson_2003_02_01_Pilot_Mt_01_web.jpg (223884 bytes)Pilot Mountain is barely visable through the trees behind Jackson.

I will always remember this as the day the space shuttle Columbia crashed during re- entry.  We heard the story on NPR on our way to Claudville from Pilot Mt.                   

Jackson gave Hershey Candy Bars with personalized wrappers as Valentines this year. 

Jackson_2003_02_01_VDayCard03_web.jpg (19848 bytes)    Jackson_2003_02_01_VDayCard02_web.jpg (23874 bytes)

    Jackson_2003_02_01_VDayCard01_web.jpg (35427 bytes)