July 2000

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Jesse holding Jackson during the week of July 4th.  That makes Jackson 2 months old.   Jackson had a lot of fun having Wesley and Jesse over for a week.  I am sure that he misses having them around the house.


Jackson and Virginia (1st meeting).jpg (66039 bytes) Jackson Heath and Virginia Burton's first meeting.  Virginia is just three days younger than Jackson.  Virginia was born in California.


Jackson, Virginia, Amy, and Hilary.jpg (33834 bytes) Amy holding Virgina and Hilary holding Jackson.  Both babies are about 8 weeks old.




Jackson and Papa at the cabin (2 Months).jpg (75078 bytes)This was Jackson's first trip to the cabin.  He spent the day either listening to Papa's stories or hanging out with Mom watching Wesley and Jesse build a dam in Pig Creek.

July 7, 2000 (9 Weeks old)