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July 29, 2006

This year's race was thrown off a little by a broken generator at the hydro station.  The release didn't get over 7500KW.  That's about 2500KW less than expected.  After hearing that water had been released directly into the creek at Townes Reservoir, we settled in like most everyone else to wait on the water.  Jeff and I made one short play run to basketball falls where it was my idea to carry the boats back to the top from there.  I was sure that a truck or something would come by and offer us a ride.  Jeff will be more than happy to tell you that didn't happen. Once the water went up a few inches I started my timed run.  It was mostly uneventful, which is a good thing when you are in a race.  I had a few groups of tubers to work my way around, but nothing major.  My buddy Jeff was breaking in his new Dagger RPM, so he had a little more excitement on his trip down the river than I did, but his run wasn't bad considering it was pretty much his first time out in the new boat.

Just like last year, a mid-afternoon rain storm brought the river up to an awesome level.  Last year we decided to skip the awards ceremony to paddle in the high water, but this year we had to pack up.  On our way out, after making it past the two wrecks, we stopped by the finish line to watch as the hardware was handed out.   I really appreciate the Red Bank Ruritans organizing the race each year.  I think they do a great job and the money goes to a super cause.  I also enjoyed having my family cheering us on at Clarks Falls again.   I'm glad that they are able to come up and enjoy the day as well.  And I'd like to say thanks to all the paddlers that told me they enjoy the website.  I'll see everyone there again next year, let's just hope for a little more water.         

   The finish line Registration Megan and Ben