Jackson Delane Heath

February 2002 - 21 Months Old

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Jackson21mo_Wesley_Jesse_hiding.jpg (84526 bytes)Jackson had a lot of fun with Wesley, Jesse, and Sherri during their visit and he misses not having them in the house.   2/23/02

Jackson21mo_driveway_picnic01_small.jpg (86538 bytes)     Jackson21mo_coloring_driveway01_small.jpg (33354 bytes)     Jackson21mo_Jesse_small.jpg (40205 bytes)   

Jackson21mo__1stnight_in_bed01_small.jpg (66258 bytes)We were trying to get Jackson to go to sleep the other night when he said he wanted to sleep on his cot (where he slept at daycare).  I asked him if he wanted to sleep in his bed and he said "yes."  So I sat him out of our bed and quickly threw his favorite blankets over his bed.  He climbed right in and didn't move a muscle.   He went to sleep about 15 minutes later.  This was the first time in his own bed.  He moved from the crib to our bed about 18 months ago.  We were very proud of our little guy.  We heard a thud around 12:30.  A few seconds later Jackson came walking into our bedroom dragging his blanket.  He said "I fall down."   He slept the rest of the night in our bed, but it was a good start.  3/3/02.