Our 2013 Photos and Journal Entries
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January - snow, or at least a little ice, gingerbread house demolition and lots and lots and lots of basketball.

February - pinewood derby, lots and lots and lots of basketball, plus I spent 10 days in New England on business.

March - lots of AAU basketball, soccer, track, cub scouts and more... a business trip to Utah, I grew a beard.

April - Rosie joined the family, Jackson doubled up on baseball and track while Ben had soccer. We mixed in some golf, 5K at Virginia Tech, a camping trip at Raven Knob and an afternoon at Roundpeak with friends..

May - birthdays for the boys, a new truck, a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, a strong run for both boys' teams, a hike at Cumberland Knob,

June - A WHALE, a trip to Nags Head, baseball finished strong, Jimmy's graduation, a trip to Deep Creek with paddling on the Tuck and the Upper Nanty and Hama's 94th birthday.

July - July 4th spent in Kibler Valley, a trip to Hanging Rock State Park, Seth's Birthday party at Deana's house, Sammi's birthday party at her house, a couple of trips down the Ararat with Ben, Jackson performed lots of magic tricks, fishing with the Lindsleys, a Dash game and the Kibler Valley River Run.

August - Bronx's birthday party at his house, dad's party at Hama's house, a trip to Atlantic Beach, a hike on the New River Trail, school started, Ben and I kayaked again on the Ararat River, Amy rescued a kitten she named Betty.

September - A campout at Roundpeak with the Eads, a trip to the fair, kayaking with Ben at Foster Falls. 

October - Russell Fork camping, Father/Son Camporee at Raven Knob, corn maze with Beacons, Halloween.

November - Food Drive, Twelve Competition, Stars Basketball,

December - Christmas Tree shopping, Ben won the 4th grade spelling bee, RCC basketball, candy houses at FPCMA, Rosy Cheeks 5K, cookie deliveries with Cub Scouts, Zorro passed away, Christmas in MTA, Claudville and Prince George.