2011 Neighborhood Olympics
July 23, 2011
Olympic Committee co-presidents - Jackson Heath and Jack Bevard
Treasurer - Jessica Bevard
Special Assistant - Ben Heath

Gold Medals
Lawnmower Race - Mark C
Basketball - Jackson, Ben and Delane
Badminton - Jack and Ashton
.25 mile race (7-9 yrs old) - Ben
1 mile race (10-12 yrs old) - Nicole
1.5 mile race (13+) - Kevin


Following the opening ceremonies, the Olympic crowd gathered in our driveway to watch the inaugural Margaret Drive Lawnmower Drag-race.  From a spectator point of view, this had to be one of the more popular events.  Will Sheppard's alter ego Johnny Awesome even made an appearance.  Jackson and Jack started things off with a demonstration race, then things kicked off in earnest.  We set a video camera up at the finish line in case there were any close calls.  And as luck would have it, the 2nd race was so close that I am still questioning the call we made.  In the end, Mark Coleman, fresh off a 5.5 hour drive from the coast, won the gold on his Cub Cadet.  Jessica came in 2nd and Jack 3rd.  Jackson raced on my dad's twenty year old mower because of its high gear, but it proved to be a little too slow off the starting line.  And I was blown out of the water on our orange Scotts mower. 

Following the tractor race, we had a single elimination basketball tournament.  Jackson, Ben and I took home the gold after a tough championship game versus Will, Amy and Nicole.  After three straight games in ninety degree heat, I was glad I wasn't entered in the next events.  Immediately following basketball, it was time for another crowd favorite - the toddler race.  This one was a lot of fun to watch.

While Mark was grilling the hotdogs and hamburgers, the distance runners competed in three different categories.  The 13 and over crowd ran a 1.5 mile circuit through the neighborhood, the 9-12 year olds ran 1 mile and the 8 and under runners (Ben) ran a .25 mile sprint.  I cannot stress how hot it was that day, so all the runners deserve serious props for finishing their races.  Gold medal winners were Kevin, Nicole and Ben.  The last event of the day was badminton.  Soccer was on the schedule, but the badminton tournament had a large, competitive turnout and did not finish until after dark.  S'mores and camping was saved for the next night.  It was a big weekend that I think the kids will remember for a long time.


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