Our 2010 Photos and Journal Entries
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January - two words.  Disney World  okay, one more word.  Snow

February - more snow

March - Dr Seuss' birthday, Sew Easy 2 B Green, Ben lost more teeth, we joined the gym, I paddled Whitetop Laurel in Damascus, Amy trained for a half marathon, MAJWC Easter egg hunt

April - Family beach trip, Ba Moo field trip, soccer, tee ball, 1/2 marathon in Charlotte, 3.2 in Blacksburg, Lillie's Friends 5K in Winston-Salem, Wilson Creek

May - We moved into a new house, Jackson's birthday sleep-over and trip to the ER, Jackson's soccer championship, Ben wrapped up a great coach pitch/tee ball season, cherries, Ben's birthday party at the house, park and play at the Boiling Hole and a trip to Martin and Deana's pond.

June - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, photos from Ben's birthday party, Fort Brothers, Dinner Club at our house, Blue Mountain, River Rescue Class, Toy Story 3

July - A visit from our nephew Jimmy followed by our niece Nicole, Carowinds, the Kibler Valley River Run, Floydfest, Ben started riding his bike on 2 wheels, the Muncy family reunion, a visit to Bluefield, Seth's birthday party at Camp Darius, a trip to Hilton Head with the Joyce family, dinner club at the Davis house, Hanging Rock waterfalls, paddled with the dolphins, trips to the pool, met an astronaut.

August - A family paddle on the Dan River, a trip to Atlantic Beach, school started, football started.

September - football, soccer, a day at the lake with the Bevards and Colemans, a hike on the farm, a day at the pond.

October - a kayaking trip to the Russell Fork, Jackson wrapped up his football season with a 60 yard touchdown run, Ben ended Soccer with a 1st place trophy, we visited the zoo for the first time in 3 years, Autumn Leaves Festival, the skate board park, Lazy 5 Ranch, Virginia Creeper Trail.

November - Thursday night game in Blacksburg, a hike at Pilot Mountain, a cub scout outing, mistletoe, a trip to the tree farm, tree decorating, Thanksgiving, fun in the neighbor's leaf pile, a hike to the river

December - 2 snows, 2 Gingerbread workshops, 3 plays (Santa's Holiday Hoe Down, The Perfect Christmas Tree and the FPCMA Christmas Pageant), a 3-0 start to Jackson's basketball season, a day on the Smith River,  and, of course, Christmas.