Our 2009 Photos and Journal Entries
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January  - Basketball games, kayaking, nerf battles, game night at Deana's house and Dinner Club at the Joyce house.  The Steelers won the Super Bowl.

February - Ruby Sue joined the family, Jackson played more basketball, I coached, it snowed and we took a walk to the river.

March - Grand Betty passed away, as did my paddling friend Mercer.  Jimmy and Nicole visited, it snowed, I slid the car into a fence on my way home from kayaking, Ben started six year old tee ball, Jackson started soccer, and we hosted dinner club.

April - Tee Ball, Soccer, Easter, Lillie's Friends celebration in Winston-Salem, Kimberly's wedding.

May - Jackson's team finished 2nd in Soccer, we camped along Browns Dam Creek, Ben turned six and Jackson nine, football camp and a  self defense fundraiser.

June - Relay for Life, Jesse's High School graduation, baby Brett's last days at the house, bible school, Ben's new bunk bed, our first ice cream truck, paddling in Kibler Valley, Father's Day at the river house,  Ann Rachel starts visiting, Jimmy visited for a week, basketball camp, Arts Alive and four days camping in Bryson City, kayaking on the Nantahala, the Pigeon and in Kibler Valley.

July -  We celebrated Hama's 90th birthday with a big party, the kids spent a lot of time playing in the dirt piles behind our house, celebrated Seth's birthday with a campout at Deana and Martin's pond, celebrated little Jimmy's birthday with a party at his house, a fantastic trip to  Atlantic Beach, Floydfest, Nicole visited and Deana's annual trip to WetNWild.

August - Jackson kayaked on the Ararat and Dan rivers, Little League Football, celebrated Papa's 65th birthday at the cabin, Ben started kindergarten.

September - A picnic in Kibler with the Sheppard family, a trip to Chapel Hill for Carolina's first football game, Pee Wee soccer and more Little League Football, BHTharrington's Fall Fling, the Patrick County Fair and dinner club at the Hunt residence.

October - Ben Lost his 1st baby tooth, Jackson finished the Harry Potter series, Ben wrapped up his soccer season, we took Hama on a jaunt through the mountains looking for pumpkins, Amy and Jackson ran in the 5K on the Greenway, I paddled Wilson Creek, Amy and the boys helped Nicole celebrate her birthday in Richmond, Ben started taking karate classes again and we had a big family vacation in Tennessee.

November - Jackson wrapped up his football season and started basketball, Ben lost his 2nd baby tooth, we participated in the CROP Hunger Walk 2009, Ben had a sleepover at his cousin Seth's house, Jackson stayed with Deana and Martin while Amy and I celebrated my friend Stanley's birthday in Eden,

December -