2006 Ride Log

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11/24/2006. We've had lots of beautiful weather during November which has allowed for some late season commutes on the bike.

10/10/2006. This afternoon, while Amy sat in a dentist chair, Ben visited with my dad and Jackson sat in school, I ate a granola bar lunch from the seat of my motorcycle while cruising through the foothills, farms and orchards of neighboring Patrick County in search of autumn on roads named Blossom View, Sky View, Orchard View, Riverside, Old School House, and The Hollow.  What I found at the foot of the Blue Ridge, under the Carolina Blue sky of a beautiful 80F/27C October day, was golden.  First there were the golden delicious apples hanging from the trees, then the fields of goldenrod lining the roads.  While you can't hear the bees buzzing in this field of goldenrod and foxtail grass, you might spot two or three of them in this photo.     

10/04/2006. A nice ride on a sunny warm day along the Ararat River on Riverside Drive, then State Line Drive into Virginia.

9/14/2006. I rode to Hillsville and back on a gorgeous day with cool temps.  I rode 52 to Hillsville, but took 58-Red Hill Road-Snake Creek Road-Volunteer Road-Parkway-Orchard Gap on the way back.  Red Hill Road was something new added to an old favorite route.  I made a fuel stop at the Orchard Gap Deli and decided to enjoy a hamburger, root beer and apple pie in the sun at one of their picnic tables.

8/18/2006. The bike hit 22000 on a beautiful blue sky morning.  You can tell Fall is around the corner.

8/02/2006.  130 mile ride to Martinsville and back on a 98 degree day.  To help stay cool we rode along the creek banks and through the hollows for part of the ride back.

7/20/2006. The first ride on the mountain in a long time.  I hit my favorite, Snake Creek Road, where the cool air from the creek felt great on a hot July afternoon.  I also pulled over to take a photo of an old weathered Snake Creek sign hanging on an old general store.  Before pulling back onto the road, I noticed an old building at the far end of a field.  I rode the bike out along a muddy path that ended next to an old mill complete with a rusted water wheel.  After taking a few more photos, I rolled back onto the road, only this time I took a left on Keno Road at the end of Snake Creek rather than going straight through Volunteer Gap to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I then took a right on Wards Gap Road, which I followed to the parkway.  I took the parkway to Orchard Gap, where I enjoyed an ice cold IBC black cherry soda before riding down the mountain.


5/03/2006. Jackson got his first motorcycle ride ever on his 6th birthday.  I drove him to his elementary school, which is right next door.  The bike didn't get out of first gear, but when Jackson pulled his helmet off he said "We went fast!"

4/05/2006. Over the weekend I drained the Virago's gas tank, changed the spark plugs, and gave it a Spring cleaning.  I rode it today, but wow is it windy out there.  Sunny, but windy.

2/24/2006. A little cold and windy, but sunny enough to warrant riding the bike to work.

2/17/2006.  Another beautiful sunny afternoon, great day for riding the bike around town.  I met Amy and Ben on Main Street for lunch at Barney's.

2/3/2006.  Just a short commute, but still fun to have the bike out and about.

2/1/2006.  A sunny day in the forties.  I thought the bike needed to be ran some, so I rode it back to work after lunch.

1/12/2006.. Beautiful 66F/19c day today.  So nice that I got the bike out for the first time in a long time