Photos and videos from a wonderful weekend spent in Kibler Valley, Virginia.

September 16-17, 2006


Fun In A Kayak (6MB) Sep06- Me goofing off in Kibler Valley

Jeff's Launch (1MB) Sep06 - Jeff launching off the river bank

Monday, September 18th, 2006.  We had an absolutely fantastic weekend.  It started Saturday morning with Jackson's team winning their first soccer game 2-0 and continued when we arrived in Kibler Valley on a spectacularly beautiful September day.    There were too many fun moments to cover in one post, but the photos will give you a good idea of how nice it was.  And with twice as many cameras snapping pics, we have lots of good ones.

There were so many nice moments, like the mother doe and fawns outside the kitchen window Sunday morning, like relaxing on the bank of the Dan River, or seeing the kids have fun in the river and playing "ellefun" with Ben under the huge walnut trees (we chased the leaves as they blew in the wind.  After eating cinnamon buns for breakfast, Jackson and I took an early morning paddle in the canoe.  I said "Hey Jackson, we're paddling in our pajamas."  Jackson came back with "Yeah, it's fun AND comfortable."  On Saturday night, the kids all crashed from exhaustion one by one, allowing the grown-ups a chance to sit around the campfire under an incredibly starry sky. 

We were getting our firewood from a brush pile at the edge of the woods in the far corner of the field next to the river house.  Once the sun went down, it got dark really fast.  Low on firewood, Jeff went into the house to look for a flashlight.  With no one looking, I ran off into the darkness across the field and hid in the woods behind the brush pile.   Jeff couldn't find a flashlight and walked across the field slowly, enjoying the quiet sound of crickets and the river, along with the view of the mountain's silhouette against the night sky.  That was Jeff's state of mind when he leaned into the wood's edge to feel around for dry wood.  And that's when I made the scariest bear-type sound I could muster.  To Jeff's credit, he didn't scream or run, but he did back up quickly while saying something. Neither of us know exactly what he said, but we suspect that the counselor in him instinctively started talking the bear down.  I fell out of the woods laughing.  It had been a long time since I pulled a prank like that.  We had so much fun all weekend.  It was a nice reset for everyone. 

You can read about the kayaking part of the weekend here and see all of our photos here.


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