Monday, March the 13th.   What a gorgeous weekend!  While Amy worked on Saturday, the boys and I started our day with a hike to the river behind our house.  Then, after lunch, I took Jackson to his Aunt Dee and Uncle Martin's house for a much anticipated sleep-over and Ben to my parents house so that Amy and I could leave town for a wonderful relaxing night away in celebration of our upcoming eight year wedding anniversary.  This weekend's unseasonably warm weather actually reminded me a lot of the weekend we were married in Petersburg, Virginia.  The temperatures that weekend were in the high eighties and low nineties.  Saturday's trip was into the mountains to our north, just far enough north that they didn't serve sweet tea, but not so far that you couldn't still get biscuits and gravy for breakfast. 

The entire package was a very nice gift that we enjoyed to the fullest.  Our cocktails were great, dinner was unbelievably good, and the bananas foster prepared at our table was one of the best desserts I've ever had.  I'm ready to try that on the grill as soon as possible.  Our walks downtown on both Saturday night and Sunday morning were lots of fun with the first signs of Spring waiting around each and every corner. 

If you're from the area, then the photos will clue you in on where we were, especially our blog friend Colleen.  Walking past Seeds Of Light not only reminded us of our visits to the old Seeds Of Light store in Blacksburg, but also of Colleen's recent post about her friend who owns the store.   As always, we enjoyed seeing the kinds of bumper stickers in the window that you can't find in Mayberry, but it was at first too late, then too early, for the stores to be open, so we didn't get to add any to our collection. 

On our way out of town Amy was able to visit with her old college roommate and friend, which was a very nice treat.  We hadn't seen her and her husband since their wedding two and a half years ago.    From there it was a trip back down the mountain to corral the kids and get home in time for their baths and bed. 


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