Our 2006 Photos and Journal Entries

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January - Lots of warm sunny days spent outside and no snow.  I paddled both Belews and Talbott, Jackson moved up to the Advanced Karate Class,  the boys went to two birthday parties, the Greensboro Children's Museum, The Children's Museum of Richmond, and Sci-Works.

February -The Steelers won the Super Bowl, it finally snowed, Amy and Jackson got sick, Jackson had three accidents, and I kayaked on Lovills Creek Lake.

March - Amy and I spent a night away from the kids in downtown Roanoke to celebrate our 8th anniversary, Amy went with Jackson on a field trip to Sci-Works, Jackson had his first Sport Jujitsu tournament.

April - Isabelle's five year old birthday party, time spent on the playground and at Sci-Works, Jackson was awarded green belt status in Isshinryu, we vacationed in Virginia Beach and visited GrandBetty in Chesapeake, had a nice Easter, went canoeing and more.

May - A hike on Papa's Mountain, Jackson's first motorcycle ride, Jackson's birthday party, Strawberry picking, Mabry Mill, a picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Ben's birthday party, front yard sprinkler fun, my company's picnic, a sport-jujitsu tournament, and more.

June - Father's Day, Martial Arts Summer Camp, cherry picking, playing in the creek, Ben got a big boy haircut, Old Time Fiddler's Convention, our nephew Jesse visited for two weeks, Arts Alive, and lots of fun in the sun.

July - A trip to the beach, the 24th Annual Kibler Valley River Run, Seth's 1st Birthday Party, our nephew Jimmy stayed with us for a week, many, many trips to the pool, a karate open-house and more.

August - Kayaking on the New River, Matthew's birthday, Ben started pre-school and Jackson started 1st grade, a visit from Brooke, Landon and Ella, e family canoe outing on the Dan River, Pee Wee soccer and Dinner Club in Kibler Valley.

September -  Lots of soccer for Jackson, but a month off from karate.  A night in Kibler Valley with friends, and an afternoon at the cabin.

October - Lots of Halloween photos, Pumpkin Patch photos, Ben started taking Pee Wee karate classes, a trip to Meadows of Dan and a corn maze, Jackson's soccer team finished the regular season with the second best record in the league, I paddled the Ararat River on a gorgeous day and found an abandoned puppy, a trip to Colonial Heights for our niece Nicole's birthday party, a trip to the Greensboro Science Center and the Autumn Leaves Festival.

November - Thanksgiving, Jackson got his Brown Belt, I kayaked Jessups Mill, the boys dug potatoes and raked leaves, Amy and Jackson rode horses and Amy and I visited Floyd, Virginia.

December - Christmas trees, mistletoe, Santa, a trip to Colonial Heights, Jackson reached 2nd degree brown belt, a paddle on the Appomattox River, visits from Hillary and her kids, Sherri and her kids, plus Alan and his family.