Tuesday the 12th. I haven't updated everyone on Ben's state of affairs lately.  Everyone calls what Ben does jibber-jabber, and that's a good definition, but he just recently started putting many more real words into his jibber-jabber speeches.  He's in the middle of a pretty rapid increase in vocabulary.  If we repeat a word he said, he now says it back again.  That's what Jackson did from the beginning and how he learned to speak clearly so fast.  But what Jackson had in quality, Ben makes up for in quantity.  He talks all day long and to anyone that will listen.  I think we are going to miss it when the jabber turns into real sentences.  Amy and I are interchangeably mommy and daddy, no real rhyme or reason.  He leaned more toward calling us mommy for a long time, but it has now swung toward daddy.  After I give him something, he says perfectly "Thank you Daddy."  He only calls Jackson baby.  Jackson says that's because he hears Amy call him that.  He calls Grandma Sue Nana Sue.  Sometimes he shortens it to Nana and when he yells it, he simply says "Suuuueeee!"  Mo is Mo, Papa is Papa, Megan is Megan, Jimmy is Jimmy.  He is pretty good with names.  Elephants are Elli (he has an Elli the Elephant book).  Ben has the animal sounds down, his rooster is probably the funniest.  When he's thirsty he asks for a cold, cold cuppa.  Not sure why, but he has always called it that, maybe his version of a good, cold cup of water.  Let's see, he loves getting into trouble.  I say BEEEEENNNN!!!! (two syllables, stress on the last, pronounced be-in) so much that he now says "DAAAADDDDYYY!!! right back.  Today at lunch the game was to throw stuffed animals down off the wardrobe so that I would shake my finger and say "yoouuuu!!!"  That killed him, he laughed and laughed, then would shake his hand and say "uuuuuuuu".

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