Monday the 11th. Such nice weather.  Jackson organized a picnic lunch in the front yard.  We had homemade lemonade, peanut-butter and banana hotdogs, chocolate chip cookies (he gave two to the mailman), strawberries, watermelon, and Cheetos.


The good news: I got Ben's little stretchy orange must-have carry-around-all-day sleep-with toy lizard out of the drain.  The bad news:  I accidentally completely entirely ripped out the plumbing while doing it.  So in the last month I've gotten a ticket for going right on red, our Grand Am's water pump broke, a tire went flat on the Voyager, I've discovered a gushing hot water leak under the house, the pull cord broke on the lawnmower, and I've destroyed the bathroom plumbing.  Luckily it's Spring so the money tree in the back yard should be budding soon.  Hope we work through all this bad luck before our flight next week!  I know, I know, silver linings right?  Ben got his lizard back and went right to sleep.  And speaking of that, we thought we had no chance of getting Ben back on schedule after being away from home for so long.  But after a twenty minute cry his first night back in the crib, it's been perfectly cry-free ever since.  At both naps and bedtime, we lay him down awake with his pooh (pacifier) and lizard and he never makes a peep.  So that has been a welcome bit of good luck.  It makes things so much easier.  And the flat tire was in the driveway, very lucky.  Dad thinks he knows someone that can fix the lawnmower cheaply, good luck there, we were about to buy a new one (very important tip I wish I knew a week ago... don't let the spring pop off when changing the pull cord on a push mower.  I am pretty sure I could spend a thousand years trying to get it back on and wouldn't have a chance).  And our friend Jeff's plumbing skills may salvage my bathroom disaster. 

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