Our 2005 Monthly Photos and Journal Entries

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January brought us some unseasonably warm weather, some unseasonably cold weather,  a visit by Evan King, a day of slush sledding with Jackson, an afternoon of kayaking on Lovill's Creek Lake with Jeff, walks with Megan, Amy, and the boys, lots of cute Benjamin photos, snow, snow-boarding, and a trip to Build-A-Bear.

February started uneventful enough, with visits from friends and to see friends and family.  The weather was nice and Amy took the boys for lots of walks.   Jeff and I had an adventurous kayaking trip down the Dan River on the 21st. And then sadly Grandma Sue went into the hospital on the 23rd and stayed there for the remainder of the month..  Amy and the boys spent those days in Colonial Heights close to Sue.  It did however give the boys lots of opportunities to spend time with their cousins and we have lots of photos.

March was a busy month, much of it spent in Colonial Heights.  Grandma Sue started the month at Southside Regional in Petersburg, but was later transported to MCV in Richmond.  Amy and the boys spent the second half of the month taking care of Sue at her house in Virginia.  I went paddling six times and took lots of photos.  And of course we had Easter early this year.

April had so much going on this year... I had to work REALLY hard to trim down to 114 photos.  There was our trip to Lucaya Beach on Grand Bahama Island, my sister Deana's wedding, Jackson's March of Dimes Teamwalk, two wedding showers, lots of walks, a couple of trips out in the kayak, and more...


May was one of our busiest months ever.  Jackson graduated from preschool, had a birthday, went to orientation for kindergarten, completed his first full month of karate training,and went to both a bowling birthday party and a skating birthday party.  We went to the zoo, Sesame Street Live, Fort Clifton, the farm, and the New River Trail.  I paddled on both Swift Creek and Loville's Creek Lake.  Amy took the boys strawberry picking We went to two weddings, one in Pennsylvania.  Ben turned two during that trip, but had a birthday party the week before.  There were lots of walks, trips to playgrounds,  Dinner Club, and lots of other fun things.


June  ... Jackson got his yellow / orange stripe belt in karate, the boys spent lots of time at the pool, played in the front yard kiddie pools, went to Sci-Works and played on the playground.  Jackson went to Arts Alive, I paddled on The Dan River three times, we picked cherries and took the boys on their first trip to the drive-in. I had an awesome Father's Day


July ... An early morning paddle on Lovill's Creek Lake, Jesse stayed with us for two weeks, paddle in Kibler on the 4th, an Independence Day celebration at my sister's house followed by fireworks at Hama's house, a hike around Pilot Mountain, Jesse and I paddled on  Lovill's Creek Lake, Seth Garrison Beasley was born, two trips to Sci-Works, about twenty trips to the pool, a boy's day at the cabin spent playing in the creek, and the month ended with the Kibler Valley River Run.

August ... We had a visit from Hilary, Virginia, and WSB III, Papa's birthday, lots of trips to the pool, lots of walks around town, Jackson's first day of kindergarten, a night-time paddle on Belews Lake, a trip to the waterfall on Pigg Creek, and a trip Grandma Sue's.


September ...Landon's two year old birthday party, visits to Hama, lots of karate, and many, many sad moments this month.  Amy's mother, my friend, and the boy's grandmother, Sue Mills, passed away this month.


October ... The zoo, Jackson played lots of soccer, our friend Grayson's wedding, some park and play paddling on Lovill's Creek, the boys got sick and went to the doctor, a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, karate, and trick or treating.

November ...a trip to Bland,Lexi's soccer game, Ben's first Story Time at the library, an early morning paddle on Lovill's Creek Lake, Ben's First Haircut, Wesley's soccer game in Roanoke, a visit to Hama, Caleb's birthday party, Thanksgiving, a trip to the Christmas Tree Farm, and Jackson started playing Chess.

December ...two trips on The Ararat River, Jackson got his purple/green belt, tree trimming, mistletoe, dinners, presents, family, friends, a cocktail party at Deana and Martin's, and "Ben lubs Christmas".