2004 Scrapbook Pages

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Below you will find a link to each month's page containing daily photos and brief journal entries. 

We had a fantastic year, at home anyway.  Their are plenty of sad things going on in the world that we are not happy about and the election certainly didn't give us much to look forward too.  Jobs are leaving town right and left, but at least things in the Heath household are the way we want them.  Benjamin learned how to do so much and certainly kept us busy chasing after him.  Jackson finished his two day a week pre-school class, had a busy summer, then started going three days a week.  He continues to amaze us with both his intelligence and his sweetness.  For our family, finding a way to keep the children home has reduced our stress level greatly and made each day more enjoyable.  We are an extremely lucky family and are again this year very thankful for all that we have.  Each year continues to go by faster than the last and I am sure that trend will continue next year.  But I am also sure that in our old age we will look back on these years as the best of our life.  With that in mind, we try to cherish each and every one of these crazy, busy days spent chasing the kids around.

The January Page covers two snow days, Sam's Birthday Party, New Year's Day, Dinner Club, plus Caleb, Izzy, Matthew's sleepover, Megan, Jordan, Landon and Anita pics.  Over 100 pics so far. 


February brought more snow, Benji learns to stand by himself, Wesley skateboard tricks, Grandma visits Mayberry, Caleb plays Bulldog baskteball, Jackson has a Valentine's day party, 70+ pics in all. 

In March Benjamin started cruising really well.  Emma Davis, Conor Cooke, and Deana Heath all had birthday parties.  We visitied Heath Muncy in Bland and Hama in Claudville.  And there were lots of walks during our first taste of Spring. 90+ Pics. 


April has a trip to the Children's Museum, Amy, Megan and Izzy's birthdays, Easter, Central's Teamwalk, Ben took his first steps, and lots of fun spring things.

May has Jackson's  birthday party, strawberry picking, a visit from Landon, visits to Claudville and Colonial Heights, the new playground, my company picnic, Jackson's End Of Year program at Central Methodist.


June was filled with fun things we documented.  A picnic at Horne Creek Farm, a rainy day spent at Sci-Works, sprinkler fun, a poker run, swimming lessons, trips to the library, Jimmy's birthday party, a camping/fishing trip, Jimmy stayed with us for two weeks, Arts Alive, Dinner Club of course, and trips to the playground.

Independence Day ,  Pilot Mountain, Sam's half birthday, Jimmy Epperly was born, river run, Virginia Tech, tractor rides, and more.  Plus the July 2004 Movie.

August has two trips to Cumberland Knob, Matthew's BDay party, Dylan's BDay party, Brock's BDay party, and Mike's BDay cookout.  There are also some great pictures from digging potatoes and skinny dipping at Hama's house. 

September included a trip to the beach, Jackson's first soccer practice, Mayberry Days w/ Andy Griffith, the pumpkin patch, Relay For Life, Mount Airy's International Festival, Jackson's First Bike Ride, Jackson's first jump of a diving board, a kayak trip, and more... 


October has more of Jackson's first year of soccer, Autumn Leaves, a day on the farm and at the cabin, we met baby Wyatt, a trip to Sci-Works, Halloween, a hike on the New River Trail, the pumpkin patch, apple picking, paddling on the Dan, and much more ...

Amy and Jackson went on a date this month, the Hokies won all their football games, and so did the Steelers.  We had Thanksgiving on Hama's farm , played at Sci-Works, Grandma Sue visited for two weeks, and I paddled the Dan for the last time this year.  

December was a wonderful month full of lots of time spent with family and friends.  We had the best Christmas ever and put lots of photos online to help us remember it.