2003 Scrapbook Pages

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Below you will find a link to each month's page.  We began converting the photo galleries into something closer to scrapbook pages this year.  As I look back on the website's older pages, I wish I had more stuff on them.  So now we are trying to do just that, put more and more stuff on every month's page.  We actually ended up with over 780 photos on this year's pages.  2003 brought us baby Benjamin and many, many great memories.  Most can be found on the pages below.

Jackson_2003_01_Megan_Virginia_WSBIII_storytime01_small.jpg (57189 bytes)January   9 Pics.   Walter Scott and Virginia, Megan, snow pic, a beard, bathtime, Jackson with Mandolin, etc..

PilotMt01_web.jpg (247585 bytes)February    11 Pics. An icy Pilot Mt. on a warm sunny morning.  Valentines wrappers, roller blades, Buzz PJs    

Jackson_2003_03_Papa_walking01_web.jpg (142456 bytes)March   20 Pics. Superman's first appearance, a trip to the farm, a walk on Main Street in Mayberry, Clubhouse pics, bathtime.

Jackson2003_04_27_PigCreek_Mommy01_web.jpg (185975 bytes)April   57 Pics.  1st Spring Adventure Walk, Fisher River Egg Hunt, coloring eggs, Egg Morning at Grandma Sue's, Little School Birthday Party, Hillsville playground with Matthew, Hama, Isabelle, Pig Creek, Fishing with Papa and Caleb, and a shower for Eric and Christy, high flying fun with Daddy.

Jackson_2003_05_04_Skateboard01_web.jpg (85411 bytes)May   93 Pics. Benjamin's first pictures, Kite Flying, the Carnival, Painting Benjamin's Nursery, Zorro, 3rd Year Birthday Party, skateboarding, early gifts. 80+ Pics

June  82 Pics. Benjamin is here and we are taking pictures right and left. We also hit the outside pool finally, threw Hama a suprise birthday party, enjoyed a nice Father's Day, and more... 80+ pics.

July 83 pics. Benjamin meets the Mills, July 4th, Benjamin gets fat, Brooke, Fun in the Sun party, Samuel, 4X4 action, Brooke's Baby Shower, River Run, Baby Zane, Benjamin's first bottle, a day at the cabin, etc...79 pics in all and links to many more.

August  89 pics for August. Beach trip, Hama, Mo, Little Dan, Green Beans, Benjamin still getting fatter, three birthday parties, just lots of stuff from August.

September - 53 photos, including Caleb getting baptized, Jackson riding Papa's tractor, Landon and Benjamin snapshots, playground action, and more.

October -  82 pics and lots of journal entries.  It has Jackson's preschool Halloween carnival,  Salem's Birthday party and hayride, jumping in leaf piles, jumping off the couch, Benjamin making faces, Superman riding a horse,  pictures from Monica's wedding, of Scott and Cherry's wedding preparations, Benjamin black&whites, a bug hunt, Ella Marion, pictures from a couple of weekends at Grandma Sue's house and Grandma at our house, Benjamin's 1st Cereal, 1st green beans, and 1st Johnny JumpUp, Mo's BDay and Melanie's BDay.

November - 89 pics.  Tons of stuff this month.  The zoo, horseback riding, getting the Christmas tree, Alan and co. visited, Thanksgiving at Hama's.  I could go on and on, or you could just check out the November page.

December - 113 pics. Ho, Ho, Ho, Ben got his first Snow! Christmas in Claudville, Christmas in Colonial Heights, Christmas at home, Supper Club at our house, many, many pics of friends and family.


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