2002 Monthly Galleries

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Jackson kicked off 2002 by letting his curls hit the cutting room floor.  He then quit daycare and started staying home fulltime.  The family went on two beach trips and Jackson made his first visit to Virginia Tech.  Jackson grew up so much and we were very proud of him.  We also found out that another baby was on the way and Amy spent much of 2002 carrying Baby Benjamin with her where ever she went.  2002 represents the days before our digital camera, when updates were only made monthly.  So there are only 125 photos for the entire 12 months,  2003 had 781 pics.  But the 125 we do have document some pretty fun times and big changes in Jackson's life.  I enjoy clicking through them from time to time.  And sadly we lost Nannie and Papa in the Spring of 2002 and the year will equally be remembered for that. 


January  4 Pics - Jackson's first haircut at Salon1 in Virginia and snow.



February - 6 Pics - Wesley and Jesse Adams visited and Jackson spent his first night in his toddler bed.



March Only three pictures.  Bathtub pic, Tigger Ball, and Jackson's tools.



April - 12 Pics - Baby sitting Jake, Dinner Club at Warren and Jennifer's, vacuuming with Mommy.



May - 17 Pics - The zoo, Jackson's birthday party, and Mother's Day.



June - 12 pictures from our trip to Myrtle Beach, SC.



July - 14 Pictures.  Another visit from Wesley and Jesse, Jenny's Kibler Party, swimming at Homeplace, getting into Toy Story, Adventure walks, Walter Scott and Virginia.



August - 4 pics. Virginia Tech, Dinner Club, and a Jackson self-portrait.



September - 22 pictures, mostly from our trip to Virginia Beach with Grandma Sue.  One picture of Megan and Jackson being creative.



October - 4 pics and a couple of audio clips.  The first time we met Katie Pearl Brintle and Halloween costumes.


Jackson_2002_11_Christmas06.jpg (43782 bytes)


November - Only 4 pictures.  The train table, a bathtime picture, and a studio pic.


December - 23 pics.  First Snow, Christmas, the Burtons, the clubhouse, Matthew's skateboard, etc...