2001 Monthly Galleries

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108 pictures from 2001.  Jackson started the year with no hair and ended it with long flowing curls.  He learned to pull up, walk, and talk.  He had his first trip to the beach and was at peak cuteness during the fall.


January  - 4 Pics.  Jackson was eight months old and cruising the coffee tables.  He had his first tooth and started chomping on biter biscuits.



February - 12 Pics.  A trip to Grandma Sue's, Papa, Mo, Caleb, and Jake.



March - 18 Pics.  The Cellar in Blacksburg, VA, the Ararat River, Hide and Seek, Jackson standing (10 Months), Virginia Burton.



April - Only 1 pic.  It was taken at the hospital when Isabelle was born.



May - 19 Pics.  Jackson with Nannie, First Birthday, Marshall, Isabelle, and more.



June - 8 pictures from Jackson's first trip to the beach.



July - 10 pics.  4th of July at Hama's, great picture on a bulldozer, and fun in the sun at Grandma Sue's.



August - 1 picture.



September - 11 pics.  Grandma Sue, Jackson's first glasses, Deana, "Cycle Daddy", bubble mower, and more.



October - 14 pics.  I think Jackson was at peak cuteness in October 2002.  He was seventeen months old and had the cutest curls.  Great pictures from Autumn Leaves Festival, the pumpkin patch, the zoo, and from a day at Grandma Sue's with Virginia.


November - 2 pics.



December  - 8 pics.  Jackson's 2nd Christmas.  Pictures from Grandma Sue's and on his new 4 wheeler and motorcycle.