2000 Monthly Galleries

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74 pictures from Jackson's first seven months.  These were the days before digital cameras and high speed internet, so everything is pretty basic.  But I am glad I documented what I did because it is a lot of fun to flip back through the pages and see baby Jackson.


May - 23 pics. Here is where it all started.  Amy gave birth to Jackson Delane Heath and a few hours later I gave birth to delaneandamy.com.  We just had to have a way to show the world our perfect baby. 



June - 4 pics. We had a lot of fun the day we dressed Jackson up in a doo rag and tie die.



July - 4 pics.  The first time Jackson and Virginia met and Jackson's first trip to the cabin.



August - 10 Pics.  Jackson photos with Mommy and Daddy.  Plus Brian Hunt.



September - 14 Pics.  Jackson ate his first cereal, pictures in a rocker, playing with Elmo, with Mom and Dad, and sucking his toe.



October - 6 Pics.  One with Wesley and Jesse, one in a pumpkin, one with Jimmy and Charla, and one with Dad.



November - 2 pics.  One from Caleb's 3 year birthday party and one with cousin Lexi at Grandma Sue's house.



December - 11 pics.  Christmas morning at Grandma Sue's, Christmas with the Heath's at Deana's house, Jackson on a motorcycle, Salem and Jackson exchanging gifts.