A decade of Big Wheels, Evil Knievel, Ricky Steamboat, The Wild, Wild West, jumping bicycles, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Red Bank Elementary School, and Jerry Reed's Amos Moses.


I was four years old and riding my horse Jo Jo.  Our German Shepard Colonel is standing behind us.  Colonel was a good dog that was a little too fond of chasing cars.  He survived multiple accidents before the final collision on 103.  Jo Jo was awesome and I adored him.  My parents say that I even made up a Jo Jo dance. 


I just found this photo from my sixth birthday in an album I never knew existed.  Check out those stylin' 70s pants my cousin Barry has on and all of our red and blue shoes.  It was all about the stripes and the checks in '75.  I've always had this foggy memory of little Shannon Martin walking around to the back of my house at a birthday party, all by herself, in a long light blue dress, patent leather shoes, and long Laura Ingles brown hair.   I was surprised to see that the photo matched my memory exactly.