September 2001

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Jackson got his glasses this month, so he will have them on in some pictures and not on in others.  If all continues to go well, he will have them on in all of his pictures to come.  We think he is even way cuter with them on and he is starting to get used to them. 


  Jackson16mo_Park_Mommy_small.jpg (49379 bytes)            

Jackson16mo_cycle_daddy_small.jpg (76698 bytes)We asked Jackson to make a muscle.  This is his muscle face. 

He calls my bike "CYCLE DADDY!!!!!".  His Big Wheel is "CYCLE JACKSON!".


Jackson donated his penny collection to the Red Cross.  Or as he says, to "help people", pronounced hep peepilHis daycare had a fireman's boot for the children to put their change into. 

Grandma Sue was in Mount Airy with us on 9/11.  So we called her a lot early to find out what was happening.  Then Amy and I both came home from work to watch the news with her.  Papa had picked up Jackson and Caleb from daycare, so we went to Claudville that afternoon to pick him up. 


Jackson16mo_bubble_mower_small.jpg (87081 bytes)Working the bubble mower.  9/25/01.



Welcoming Mommy home.  9/25/01.




Jackson16mo_Elmo_Slippers_Sue_small.jpg (42498 bytes)Jackson was lucky enough to have his Grandma Sue with him in Mount Airy for two whole weeks this month.  That really cracked him up, but now he misses her.  They had a ton of fun together.