July 2001

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Some kids just like to play in the dirt...

Jackson14mo_driving_bulldozer_web.jpg (74799 bytes)     Jackson14mo_on_bulldozerII.jpg (102556 bytes)

4th of July

Jackson14mo_4th_Lets_blow_something_up.jpg (84034 bytes)Jackson14mo_4th_Mom.jpg (40775 bytes)Jackson14mo_4th_Dad.jpg (36577 bytes)Fireworks in Claudville at Hama's.  Jackson loved them.





Jackson14mo_Watermelon_Mom.jpg (74364 bytes)We had a water day at Grandma Sue's.  Jackson ate watermelon until he looked like his belly was going to explode.



Jackson14mo_take_it_to_the_hole.jpg (66791 bytes)1st thing in the morning, last thing at night.  SHOOT THE BAAALLLLL!!!!  Jackson has actually woke up, pulled out the pacifier, and said"SHOOT THE BALLLL!!!!" He crawls out of bed and goes to the door and says"shoot the ball?????"  He also refers to it as Up Ball (as in baskET BALL"

Jackson's number one thing to do by far is play basketball.  Our only relief is to bring the goal inside so that we can just sit and watch him play.

Jackson14mo_school_colors.jpg (31032 bytes) This picture is on the neighbors court.

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