May 2001

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Jackson12mo_Nannie_web.jpg (63325 bytes)     Jackson12mo_Nannie_SweetBaby_web.jpg (62652 bytes) Jackson with his Nannie.  5/20/01

Jackson with his Mini Mule, Marshal and Caleb's horse, Smokey. 5/20/01

Jackson12mo_marshal_web.jpg (83707 bytes)

Jackson12mo_Isabelle6wks_Amy_web.jpg (58115 bytes)Jackson, Isabelle, and Mommy.  5/20/01



Jackson12mo_Isabelle6wks_Caleb3Yrs_web.jpg (41428 bytes)Jackson, Isabelle, and Caleb.  5/20/01



The Big 1

1stBDay_Party2.jpg (78679 bytes)Jackson had a blast at his 1st Birthday Party.  And he is still having fun with all his great presents.  Jackson would like to say a big Thank You to all of his friends, family, and special guests, Starbrite and Painter Dude, from The Cowgirl Balloon Co.    5/06/01

      1stBDay_Party4.jpg (75802 bytes)  1stBDay_Party_Jackson_eating_cake2.jpg (68133 bytes)

I think Megan and Caleb got the biggest kick out of the clowns.  The balloon animals were a big hit with all of the kids.  Megan and Salem like the painting a lot too.

1stBDay_Party_Jackson_eating_cake3.jpg (29193 bytes)

 1stBDay_Party_Jackson_eating_cake4.jpg (44559 bytes)       1stBDay_Party_Jackson_eating_cake5.jpg (72139 bytes)

Jackson definitely dug the cake!  I think he was about ready to go to sleep before he got hopped up on icing.  That kept him running for at least another hour.


1stBDay_Party_Ginny_Hama_Isabelle.jpg (59730 bytes)Jackson was very luck to have his Hama and good family friend Jenny at his party.  Hama is holding Jackson's youngest cousin, Isabelle.  Izzy gets the youngest guest prize.


Jackson12mo_1stRide.jpg (67681 bytes)Jackson's 1st Birthday meant his 1st ride facing forward.  Definitely a perk to turning One.



Jackson12mo_birthday_picnic_web.jpg (74974 bytes)Jackson celebrated his 1st birthday with Virginia (3 days younger - Happy Birthday!), Walter Scott, and Hilary Burton.  This photo was taken at our picnic at Maymont Park in Richmond, Va.  5/03/01


Salem sent Jackson a ton of balloons.  Between these and the ones that Walter Scott and Virginia gave him, we had a van full! 



Jackson12mo_birthday_cake_web.jpg (49861 bytes)This was the night of Jackson's Birthday.  It took hours for that chocolate to wear off.   He had a lot of fun though and laughed until he finally fell asleep


Jackson12mo_birthday_sleep_web.jpg (91294 bytes).WHAT A DAY!!!!



Jackson12mo_shorties.jpg (91693 bytes)Playing in the front yard at Grandma Sue's house.